Moto Pelle is a Motorcycling Apparel Brand that is pioneering fashionable, lightweight, protective apparel. Our garments are not in the same category as the heavy body-armoured garments that are available already.

Moto Pelle garments have some measure of protection built in, more for “the slide” than for serious protection. Most of our garments have layers of Kevlar and foam padding in strategic locations on the garments.

The outer fabrics are lightweight, wind and water resistant, and provide a measure of warmth and dryness.

But when it comes to style, colours, fabrics, and design options- there is nothing in the market that compares to us! Our stunning garments can be comfortably worn all day- comfortable and causal- but most of all… lightweight!

Contact us to custom make your Bespoke Designs or choose from our stunning design ranges!